Red Moments witnessed massive footfalls and a number of questions in its annual conference:
Red Moments organized a special meeting for all its existing and would-be franchise partners in its annual conference. People came out with numerous queries/concerns that were stopping them from obtaining a franchise. But after the meet, everyone came out satisfied, sporting ear to ear smiles. Here are some questions that made the meeting immensely interesting and worthwhile:

 What is Red Moments?

Red Moments Moments is a pioneer in personalised gifting products, boasting of more than 400 exclusively manufactured and customised gifts. Unlike other brands that are operating in the general gifting space, Red Moments focuses solely on personalised gifting. Only personalised gifting can offer customers the opportunity to imprint their own photos and words with their own design themes on the products.

 How much space is required to open a franchise?

It can take around 300 to 500 sq. feet in a high-street area or a mall.

 What is the Margin of Profit?

Margins can be around 80% to 200% depending on the product. As per our practical experience, just the ROI will be 100% in 12 to 18 months.

 Should the shop be own or rented?

The shop can be either owned or rented on a long-term basis. Based on the survey of the particular area, the company will decide if the franchise is feasible or not.

 Does the company help in acquiring a shop?

Yes, the company with its vast market network across the India will help you in searching for a convenient location.

 Do we need any prior experience to set up an RM franchise?

Not much, actually. We will provide you and your staff with extensive practical training.

 Does the Company help in making furniture and fixtures for RM franchise?

Yes, RM will help in making furniture and fixtures on the actual cost. We have authorised carpenters for the job, and the prices will be at par with the market.

 What is the ROI and what all is covered in the ROI?

ROI will be 100% in 12 to 18 months depending on the store (its location, size, etc.). The ROI covers all investments made to set up the store.

 What is the exclusivity in AREA?

Yes, you will enjoy exclusivity in franchise store for the particular area. The company will make sure that there is no direct competition between any franchise stores.

 How many staff members are required?

A minimum of 3 people required to operate the store.

 How much is the total investment?

a) Investment in Heat Press Machinery / Sublimation Printer / Raw Material is around `4.5 lacs to `5 lacs.
b) Investment in furniture and fixtures is approximately around `2000 per sq. feet including flooring, ceiling, electrical, AC, and product display structures.
c) A onetime Franchisee Fee of `3 lacs.
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