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Today’s generation is more inclined toward business rather than working at a conventional 9-to-5 occupation. Although people are usually apprehensive about starting a fresh business venture. To diminish this anxiety, various "franchise models" have been introduced where people gain a readymade brand to work with. As a pioneer in business innovation, Red Moments brings to you the simplest and most viable franchise model to start your own creative business venture. As the brand deals with the most unique yet sellable articles, i.e., personalised gifts, it faces virtually no competition in the market. Personalization is a unique kind of gifting style where several gift articles like mugs or photo frames or key rings and many such gifts get personalised with photograph or quotes of a customer's choosing. And this subtle uniqueness is competent enough to leave a strong essence of new trend and mark of its excellence.

It takes a minimum time, like half an hour to execute and people’s curiosity to explore latest gifting style gets flourished with every unique product. It maintains a ready to use curriculum and resources which gives boost to every franchise. Red Moments stands beside every franchise and guide it from selection of location to infrastructure to training. Red Moments is dealing into only unique products is a kind of assurance that the franchise will never face pressure of competition. It has already introduced 400 unique personalised products that had acquired more than 2 million satisfied customers’ heart nationwide. Nowadays many people are heading towards this concept as a gateway of entrepreneurship as it provides the safety of a full-grown establishment and the independence of running own venture.

Red Moments is running towards 100 stores within a very short span of time and heading for a broader reach of mass each day. With a heavy speed it desires to open over 300 stores by 2021.

So, here’s your invitation to join the brand Red Moments and fulfil your dreams!

Why opt for a Red Moments Franchise?

  • Trendsetters in innovative personalised and corporate gifting
  • One of the most organized brands in the Personalised Gifting Industry
  • 100% ROI at just one a half year of investment
  • Operating around 100 stores across the country
  • One-stop solution, from raw material to finished product
  • No qualification required to operate
  • Easy to grasp the business dynamics
  • Availability of online support
  • Can be opened in any city across India
  • Built on principles of trust and customer satisfaction
  • Promoting each franchise locally with various offers
  • A cost-effective business proposition for investors
  • A hassle-free and profitable venture
  • Touching major cities through 16-17 Channel Partners
  • No huge inventory required

  • How does Red Moments help its Franchisees and how is it different from any other store?

  • Helps in selecting store location, store’s decoration, furniture, etc.
  • Helps to set up the machinery; supplies raw materials
  • Extends extensive training on products and its marketing
  • Trains sales staff and machine operators
  • Offers expert guidance to increase store footfall
  • Regular franchise visits of company professional
  • Year-round special offers and schemes to increase the footfalls
  • Exclusive Products which are launched every 3 to 4 months
  • Exclusive concepts developed for Franchisee only
  • Seasonal store decorations made exclusive for Franchisees
  • Exclusive PERSONALISED GREETING CARDS created only for the Franchise
  • Latest design templates / latest PSDs exclusive for Franchisees
  • Special occasion products specifically designed for Franchisees
  • Additional wholesale discount on normal prices
  • Local distributor support

  • What are the investments required?

    It requires a very lesser investment unlike any other franchise models. Required investments are as follows :

  • Investment in Raw Material and necessary processing machine is around Rs. 4.5 to 5 lacs
  • Investment in Furniture & Fixtures is around Rs.1800-2000 per sqft. including flooring, Ceilings, Electricals, A.C. and product display structures
  • Non Refundable Security Deposit will be Rs. 3 - 4 Lac depending upon Franchise Model

  • Promotion

    Red Moment's journey does not end with its Product, Price, and Place, but continues with the 4th ‘P’ of the marketing parlance – Promotion. Red Moment's carries out regular promotional activities like Newspaper Ads, Hoardings, etc., to target prospective customers and bring them to our Personalised Gifts stores. All promotions are designed and carried out according to the store’s locations.


    Mostly teenagers come at my shop. And what they like most is the personalized mobile covers. They are smart enough to choose the right kind of cover within their pocket money. Not only the late teenagers, my shop sometimes become over flown with the school students too. Be them from any class or community, they just love to explore my shop with curiosity.

    Mr. Anant
    Proud Franchise Red Moments, Nashik.

    My decision of taking up Red Moments as franchise is the best decision I have ever had. Its extensive training programme on product knowledge and marketing helped me a lot to understand the business. They helped me whenever I needed them. Distance was never been an issue between us.

    Mr. Mohd. Najeeb
    Proud Franchise Red Moments, Emotions Unlimited, Ernakulam, Kerala.

    Today I can say it is a very dependable business. I got a 100% ROI in the very first year.

    Mr. Nikhil Hardi
    Proud Franchise Red Moments, Hubli Outlet, Karnataka.

    I was actually in dilemma that I should go with the concept or not. As Indore is no Mumbai, I was pondering over a huge that the concept will sooth well with the locality or not. But the huge support from Red Moments made my way clear. Today I am a proud owner of the most happening gift shop in the town.

    Mr. Hemant Khurana
    Proud Franchise Red Moments, Indore.

    If you want to find the true lovers of art, you have to visit my shop at peak hours in peak season.  Sometimes we have to work day and night to meet their expectation. As we get the most appropriate support of inventory from the Red Moments, we can fulfil people’s wishful demand exact on time.

    Mr. Jay Kumarappan
    Proud Franchise Red Moments, Coimbatore.

    I really cherish being the first woman franchise owner of Red Moments. It gives me an ample opportunity to earn for quality living while looking after my home. As I was not very much aware of business, it I was vulnerable about my step.  But the help and support I got from Red Moments is huge. It made my step firm enough to go for the business.

    Mrs. Tanushree Gaikwad
    Proud Franchise Red Moments, Sea Wood.

    I always wished to go for a business that will return me throughout the year. And I found this is the only business which is not dependent upon any season. It showers me with great returns at the festive time, but doesn’t leave me weak on normal days. I think Red Moments advertising power does magic for my store.

    Mr. Jayesh Ghelani
    Proud Franchise Red Moments, Surat.

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