February 04, 2019

Personal Gift Ideas

Gifting is a daunting business for many. Visiting a gift shop can confuse the mind: What to get the person? What color? What brand? What is right for the occasion?

While all of us love to be showered with gifts, not all of them are savory or welcome. There’s the issue of rising to the occasion while not going overboard. It maybe valentine’s day gift for your special someone, mother’s or father’s day special present or simply a birthday gift. Gifts are meant to be special, a fragment of the giver and the befitting the relationship. That’s why personalized gifts are the best!

Personal gifts can be a simple hand-drawn card or a craft. But not all can be creatively constructive, or have the means or time to indulge in it. That’s why professional gift shops selling gift shops exist. Here are some reasons why people love personalized presents:

  1. Because they are personalized, duh-

    Such gifts are tailored keeping the receiver in mind. A special gift is not something people can throw away easily, unlike basic gifts off the shelf. So, it stays with the receiver forever, with fewer chances of collecting dust in a small corner.

  2. A touch of love-

    Planning out a personal gift takes time. It takes a lot of brainstorming to come up with the idea, which is what makes them so attractive. They describe feelings that people find hard to express and flood us with memories of the giver and the fond times spent together. Even if there’s a fall apart, these gifts are a sure-fire way of creeping into someone’s heart.

  3. Quality over quantity-

    With personalization scopes from your favourite gift store, you can control the quality of the gift, especially if you are going for a reputed brand like Red Moments.

  4. Unforgettable you-

    Don’t want the receiver to forget you or your gift? Personalized items’ unique nature makes them so unforgettable. Every time the receiver looks at the gift, they are bound to be reminded of you and the memories and days you spent together.

  5. No need of occasion specificity-

    Most of all what puts our head in a wringer is whether our gift will be appropriate for the occasion. For instance, there’s no point in bringing in a box of chocolates at a marriage ceremony. Personalization does away with this difficulty. No matter what you buy, it’s going to be special, simply because of the hard work and research that goes into it.

  6. No age specificity either-

    No need to contemplate if it’s worthwhile for a kid or an adult, because no matter the age, everyone loves a gift featuring them in some way.

  7. No hint of laziness-

    Gifting a nondescript item from the nearest gift shop is a sure sign of laziness. While this works for acquaintances, your close people definitely deserve a lot more. There are no chances of disappointing or offending someone with personalized items.

  8. Save yourself from redundancy-

    More often than not, we face the dilemma of determining what to buy, because over their entire existence, the receiver has received every regular gift at least once. But no two personal gifts are the same, so no chance of similarities. Also, it saves the pain and embarrassment of discovering that someone else bought the receiver the same gift.

  9. Show off your talents-

    If you are good at making collages, photographing the right moments or choosing the right décor, here’s your chance to subtly show off and gather those much desired lauds!

  10. The Surprise Factor-

    Show up with a totally unexpected gift, like a pillowcase or tile with a cherished moment printed on it. That is bound to activate tear ducts of the receiver out of joy.

There’s so much that one can do to personalize a gift and Red Moments is here to cater to the whims and fancies of the giver at economical prices. So go crazy with those ideas, and let the magic work in bringing a torrent of smiles!

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