June 12, 2020



A gift occupies a crucial place in our lives. It defines our relationships with people. Some use gifts to start a relationship and some to maintain it. A gift is not an object that is forgotten easily, it is a memory, and if you are lucky, it is a memory that will stay with the receiver forever. A single gift can speak a thousand words. Whatever you wish to convey, you can express through a gift. A gift can say anything, from ‘Thank You for being there’ to ‘I am sorry I hurt you’ to ‘I am glad to have you in my life’.

The gift is not only a sign of appreciation but also an instrument of expression. Believe it or not, every single gift express or conveys a certain message. A few common gifts and the messages they convey:


As the name suggests, a frame conveys that you want time to stop at that moment and keep that memory close to your heart forever. You always frame your favourite picture, a picture that associates a memory, a picture that you want to look at and remember every day. It is one of the best gifts to give your long distance friend or a distinct relative, telling them how much you miss them.



A mug is a very personal and special gift. We start our day with a cup of tea/coffee in our favourite mug. A mug is a gift that you give someone very close to your heart as it conveys how you want to be their first thought in the morning and the last thought at night. Everyone has their own beloved mug that matches their style. Customise the mug and make it even more special!


Passport Holder

All of us have that one friend who is a wanderlust and just loves to travel. Encourage their dreams and support their passion for travel by giving them a passport holder. A passport holder will always stay with them and will serve as a reminder for them to fly towards their dreams! Gift your travel obsessed friends a customised passport holder with their engraved name and special charms.



“Pen is mightier than a sword.” A good pen can be your best friend in terms of crisis. Gift a pen to help your special someone express their thoughts and write their feelings. It is a gift that can convey different meanings when gifted to different people. A pen to a writer conveys appreciation, a pen to a student conveys encouragement, a pen to your boss conveys inspiration.


LED Lamp

A lamp is enough to brighten a dark room, in the same way, your gift is enough to lighten the mood of your special someone. A lamp is not just a gift, it is a symbol of spreading positivity and light in the receiver's life. It is one of the nicest gifts you can give someone who is going through something in life and it will serve as a reminder that they are not alone.



‘Dear Diary’ is how we start a letter to ourselves. A diary is a special way to build a relationship with someone. It shows how you are comfortable sharing your personal thoughts with that person. A diary as a gift speaks volumes on what that person means to you. It is an ideal gift to give a friend, expressing your love and gratitude for their presence.



When in doubt, go for jewellery! It is one of the most intimate gifts you can give a special someone. It is personal and shows that you care for their taste and style. If you wish to make the gift even more special, opt for customised jewellery. That will show how important that person is to you and your life.


Every gift says something. The best gift is the one that speaks what you wish to convey. Gifting is an activity that should not be rushed into but done with time and precision. Choose the gift basis of the person you are gifting and the relationship you share. A thought-through, personalised gift adds value to your relationship and feelings.


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