September 07, 2020

“A perfect gift is the gift of memories to treasure for lifetime’

Giving and receiving presents is something that has been going on since ages. Every time you are off to somewhere carrying a gift, you always wish it to be something different and unique than the others. A gift that can always stand out and make a mark of yours. A gift can reflect you in many ways, your choice, persona, personality, feelings, and lots of emotions into it. Red Moments have launched a bunch of new and unique gifts that can shine up your day.

Still, looking for the perfect gift you have been wanting? Let’s scroll down to find the variety of exquisite gifts which are worth the purchase and will leave a shining mark always.

1. Handcrafted tile and wooden plaque

A stunning handcrafted tile which is filled with all the happy moments you want to add on in life. This is one of those ravishing showpieces you would like to add to your table which will add on a beautiful look to your space. You can personalise this by any pictures you like that reminds you of your special moments which you would want to cherish forever.


2. Wooden collage photo frame 

A wooden puzzle shaped photo frame, bringing all your sweet memories along with it. This frame is a puzzle completing you with your loved ones always. You can add all your sweet memories pictures and moments captured and freeze those moments into this frame forever. A gift that can be preserved forever and always remains timeless.


3. Table clock

This table clock is a beautiful one to place on your nightstands or at your study and office tables. A small and infinity designed clock, adding a special touch to your table. This can be personalised with pictures of your loved one on one side of the clock so you always feel their presence next to you, and on the other side is the time clock. The Red and Black are the classic colours which can be matched everywhere you want to place it.


4. Champagne passport cover

This beautiful new champagne passport holder is one of the most beautiful gifts to give someone. This is leather made cover and comes with personalisation of the name of the person you would want to buy this for. You can add three different charms of your choice based on your likings, personality, or anything such. A good quality, personalised, unique and classy cover to handle, making it a perfect gift for people who love to travel and explore.


5. Wooden engraved wall clock

This wooden engraved wall clock is the right kind of gift for the house. This engraved wood adds a vintage look to the house and looks very beautiful. Adding your family pictures into this clock makes this a special piece in the house and brings a feeling of belongingness among the house. This makes a perfect wall clock in any part of the house say it your living room or even a bedroom.


6. Engraved curved glass plaque

This crystal glass plaque is a romantic and elegant gift for your loved one. Filled with hearts, you can customise this by adding a picture of someone you want to gift, or a picture of you two together. This is a classy piece to keep in your house which will add a highlight to your interior space. 

A generous heart is always open, always ready to receive the going and comings. In the midst of such love, let’s keep the love going in different ways.

Being different and unique is now no more a problem. These new arrivals are perfect to strike a great presence anywhere. For more such unique gifts check our to never find a problem in gifting your loved ones what is the best of all.

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