February 04, 2019

Weddings seasons can be a headache with the number of invitations one receives. Getting the perfect wedding gift for all of them can be quite the task. Now, if you need a quick-fix gift for that very distant relative, by all means, buy a curio which is mass produced and owned by many. But, if the couple in question is someone you know and care about deeply, then the gift has to be special, for it will be part of a day that they will treasure forever. For such close acquaintances, the gift requires a more personal touch, and nothing gives off that vibe more than bespoke gifts. They are of much more value as they will showcase the bond you share with them, and are one-of-a-kind, making them the perfect wedding gift.

1. Personalized T-shirts:

We see so many couples wearing matching T-shirts and think to ourselves how adorable they look. Now, imagine your friends wear something similar on their honeymoon and posting it on their social media. Isn't that a pretty picture? Make it a reality by gifting them matching and personalized T-shirts that they will love to show-off, and make good memories for them.

2. Photo Frames:

If the bride and groom are your friends or close relatives (cousins), you must have pictures that tell their love story and journey from the time met to the D-day. Creating a photo frame with them can be the best gift you can give them on their special day; for they can look at it later and reminisce the old times.

3. Photo Mugs:

When in love, we all like to see the person who captured our heart everywhere we look. Printing photos on a mug is a great way to that as it can fit anywhere from an office to home. If you have pictures of the happy couple on your phone, photo mug is the way to go for a gift, preferably as a set so they can see one another everywhere at any time.

4. Printed pillows:

If the couple you know love to cuddle then this the perfect gift for them. These personalized pillows or cushions can be a fun addition to the furniture around the house, or they can be the bride or groom's emotional anchor when their other half is away. Missing your partner can become a little bit easier if you have a pillow with their face on it to snuggle with when lonely.

5. Wall Clock with photo frames:

A clock is pretty much a standard gift for any wedding. But what is the point in gifting something they can buy from a retail store? Personalizing a wall clock with photo frames that have pictures of some of their cherished moments is something that the couple will appreciate, and use to decorate their new home.

There is absolutely no end to the kind of bespoke gifts you can get for a wedding. Anything from pens and keychains to rings, pendants, and watches can be personalized with photos or engravings and made in complementing or matching pairs, and Red Moments, with experience and creativity on their side, can help you give your friends and family that is personalized and earn you the title of best gifter.

In the end, a gift needs to be a sign of how the bride and groom complete each other as they enter into the bond of marriage. Small or big, there can't be any other like these gifts in the whole world, and there will always be a special place for them in their hearts.

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