August 20, 2019


Some say, the life of a human is a blessing and must be utilized well. Others say that one's existence is the direct result of unfinished business in the previous life. No matter what the reason for our existence is, don't you think that life is extraordinarily beautiful? Surviving on this earth is not enough. It is essential that we live and celebrate every special moment. If we think simplistically, there are two reasons for us to live each day of our lives. First, there is only one first time; and second, you never know when would be the last! Thoughtful right? So, let's trace life's journey and unfold the beauty captivated within the petals of the bygone or upcoming time.

If you are a parent, you would know how special it is to hold your first baby in hand. If you are going to be parents soon, make sure to frame the moments and mark the first day of your child on earth by showering the new-born and the new-mom with gifts to make both of them feel special. Because, as it is the first day of your child on earth, it is also the first day of your wife becoming a mother. Both are special beyond words can explain!

You will surely not remember this one, but ask your parents how did they feel, when you turned one-year-old. And if you are a parent, whose child's birthday is coming, make it special with personalised giftsthat speak of your feelings.

Didn't you cry your eyes out on the first day of your school? It feels silly now, but that day was very special. It was your day when you first stepped out of the comfort of your home and experienced something formal. It was the first day of your life when you took a tiny step that shaped your career today!

How did it feel when you held the first trophy in hand after winning a school or college competition? That day came once in history, and its golden existence remains only in your and your loved one's memory. But if your son, daughter or friend just brought home his or her first trophy, do not forget to take a picture, frame it, and gift it. As it was the first time, he or she has tasted success in the truest sense of the term.

Memories will always stay with you. But how about capturing the emotions attached to those memories? Explore the unique personalised gift options for every special moment of life at

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