January 04, 2020


New year comes with new resolutions, new trends and new promises. One of the resolutions you can make is to keep your promises with better gifts. Get ready to set the trend for better gifting this 2020.

As the new decade begins, we have curated for you, a list of prolific gifts that will bring a smile on the face of the receiver. After all, it is always the thought that counts for the giver. And of course, the budget is also equally important. Look no further, as we have it all.


Name Engraved Ladies Pendant

This fabulous new locket is the perfect choice for you! The gold colour pendant has the option to include the name of your loved ones on it. The locket is completely safe to wear and does not lose its sheen in contact with water. You can also get the locket in silver colour or mix it up as per your preference. The locket is a perfect gift for every occasion, so get one for the ladies. Plus, a name engraved locket never gets lost and will show the thought that you have put in. A perfect gift to start a new year on a shiny note. Personalised bracelet a beautiful trendsetter for 2020.


Aluminum Print Frame

Relationships are sensitive and it is important to sustain them. Loving gestures are the best ways to make relationships last longer. Nothing can beat the warmth of a photo of you two together. Gift your other half this customizable photo frame to remind them of the bond you share. Cherish it by hanging it in your room so that it serves as a token of your love. Plus a frameless photo will look the perfectly updated gift of 2020.


Wooden Plaque With Subli Wood

Ordinary frames are out, it's time for an innovative shaped frame that expresses your feelings. Keep this beautiful symbol of your love on a table. A wooden plaque made out of Subli wood is one of our most famous products that is assured to keep your memories intact. It is 7 x 8 inches and the wood plague is carved in the shape of a heart. The heart symbolises how much the person in the photograph placed in the plaque means to you.  You can also gift this to any person who is missing their loved one.


4-Foto Subli Wood Wooden Wall Clock

If you are a fan of multiuse items, this is one perfect gift for you or your loved ones. A lovely picture inside along a wall clock. Taking a photograph and then freezing that moment reveals how much that moment meant to you. A heart-shaped wooden clock with four photographs on it will recollect those moments for you. This 15 inches long and 14.5 inches wide 4-Foto wooden clock is made up of Sublimation Wood. You can have your memories imprint on the clock in the form of pictures. This can also be used as a gifting item to your loved ones. You can also customise your photographs online to see which best suits your choice. Such gift items help you create direct heart connections.


Memento Bottle With LED

If frames and clocks are not good enough for you, here is love in a bottle. This personalised LED bottle will be an ideal gifting choice. For personalisation, it can be tailored to fit your needs. Add your desired picture in the bottle. Place it on your office table or by your bedside.  Memento Led Bottle, a perfect new year gift. Because everyone loves to receive a ‘beaming with beauty’ gift.


The tradition of giving gifts is one of the integral aspects of our lives. The essence of any special occasion is rightly upheld through innovative, unique and personalised gifts. Whether it’s our loved one’s birthday or paying tribute to the contribution of teachers on Teacher’s Day, any festive event or even congratulating your colleague on their achievements, gifts have a pivotal role to play in conveying the heartfelt wishes and love. Personalised gifts will be a new trendsetter in 2020.


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