September 12, 2019


Do you have travel-loving friends in your life? Not sure what to get them as a gift? Tired of boring travel gift ideas? You are at the right place to get unique travel gifts ideas for someone going travelling in 2019 and beyond. keep reading.

Travelling is one of the core reasons why millennials save money. The beaches, mountains, the long island teas or the hot chocolate mugs with that cashmere blanket. Ahh! That much-required vacation and travels. Travel should be easy, when on a vacation, at least one should not worry about those pesky moments when your stuff goes missing or the time when you have to spot your luggage on the trolley.

To avoid such issues, what the best solution for this. “Personalised Gifts” are here to sort out such problems. Why “Personalised Products” only! Because of these reasons, they are exotic, stylish, fashionable, up-to-date, attractive, affordable, unique and top of all they belong to day to day uses to any level of personality. We have an awesome list of unique gifts for travellers, they’ll actually use and love it.

Here we are with some of the most awaited “Personalised Products”. 

Bag Tag:

We are here with such a new and unique idea of the gift. Bag Tag is the new trend people are adopting. During travelling, it is the most convenient way to locate your luggage and the probability of getting it lost among the pool of luggage is very less. From college bags to tot bag, bag tags are just adding the fashion to air. In ultra-sleek design and bright and beautiful colour, bag tags are available at a very affordable price.  A beautiful gift for travellers because a bag with the tag gives the bag its identity

Sipper bottle:

One more cool accessory and absolutely necessary is here. Water is such a huge need but even water must be cool enough to be carried to college or school. For refusing such irritation,sipper bottle is available here with every shape to size and designs!! What’s more! It comes with your name printed on it. Gift it to your adventure-loving friends, their smiles will say it all. Staying hydrated on the plane is imperative and also healthy for your body. The easiest way to remember to drink more water is to carry a water bottle at all times.

Passport Holder:

Well! Talking about this gift, it is the classiest, sassy and ultra-sleek and stylish gift to be given. Travelling abroad is filled with excitement and thrills in every moment, be it a personal or a

business trip. Carry your identity with you safely along - your passport in a holder that carries

your name on it. It’s one of the most wonderful personalised gifts. Looking at its useful side, then Passport Holder is such a necessity to protect as well as secure thepassport. And If safety is provided in style and fashion pack, then it’sthe passport holder. Holders are available at the genuine rate with various colours.


You might be thinking that this idea is such an old school one! But you know what’s the speciality of our product.  It comes with the name printed on it.  At a very affordable price, you are getting such a classy, useful travel accessory for any age. Select from the widest range of stylish personalised wallets available in various colours for men & women. A personalised wallet with the name, so that whether you want to show it off or keep it to yourself, just do it in style.


It is the most powerful weapon, once you start writing, the ideas keep flowing. A must-have in everyone’s bag because while travelling, lots of things or ideas pop up in our minds. And the pen is the only thing that helps us capture it in our personal diary. A personalised pen with the writer’s or the recipient’s name on it will definitely make it an extra special gift.


The ancestor of our smartphones, a diary is the cutesttravel essential, people have found and known. But won’t it would be amazing to have super cute stuff in more sophisticated and alluring designs and styles with the recipient name on it. Diary use is just not limited to noting down but even to embrace the beauty of the carrying norms. It would be a great combo gift – diary & pen if you are planning to give more than one gift. 

 At last,we would also like to notify our viewers and buyers that, “Personalised Products/gifts” are the most convenient gifting options. We just hope that you will also surely embrace your travel style with “Personalised Product”. Travel is something everyone looks forward to, these personalised products just make it easier and smart plus, theft-proof too.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to, browse our selection and give us a call if you have any queries.



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