March 19, 2020





Gifting is not a chore, gifting is special. It comes from the heart and conveys a thousand things. When you give a  gift, you are telling someone that they are special, they are important, they are cherished, they are loved. Gift giving is an act of self-gratification. It is a way to strengthen your relationships. 

At Red Moments, we believe that you don’t need an occasion to give a gift. A gift should be given to showcase your love. But, the thing that we take pride in, the thing that makes us the pioneer in the gifting industry is the fact that for us, a gift is not an object, it is an expression of love. 

Spreading love since 1998 

Red Moments was started in 1998 with the idea of spreading love through gifting. The name was derived from the fact that red is the colour of love and moments define everything in our life. So, with ‘RedMoments’ every moment you spend is with love. The headquarters of Red Moments is in the city of Mumbai. In over 20 years, we have captured the personalised gifting industry with our always-forward approach. We are not only in the online world but also in the offline world with over 100 stores spread across the city. The aim? To serve you the best personalised gift experience! 

Love is personal

Love is personal so why not your gifts too? We believe that personalisation is an art that allows people to turn ordinary gifts into memorable ones. Personalised gifts not only make the receiver feel extra special, but also, helps you and your gift stand out. It lets the person know that you took some time and effort to make the gift perfect for them. Furthermore, it adds your personal touch to your gifts! At Red Moments, we give you the opportunity to personalise each and every gift of your for your special someone. 

Love does not discriminate

Our love for gifts does not discriminate. Whether you are buying a gift for your friend, your sister, your mother, yourself, we have something for absolutely everyone. We, at Red Moments, take pride in our immense variety of gift options for different people and occasions. Ranging from stylish jewellery options for men to customised home decor options for your mother, we have got it all. Not only that, we also have gifts as per occasions, from special Women’s Day options to give the inspiring women in your life, to the fun and quirky Holi T-Shirts to raise the style factor. Thus, we have got you covered for every occasion. 

Love has no boundaries 

The love of gifting at Red Moments has no boundaries. We don’t believe in putting a price tag on your love, so this is a feature which we give our customers as a gift from our side. We are proud to say that we have free shipping all over india. So, whatever may be the gift, you don’t need to pay extra to make your loved one feel special. 

Love has no time limit 

They say love has no time limit, but our love does! We are always as excited as you are to deliver you your gift in time. Thus, we have a 48 hour delivery period in which we deliver your special gift safely to your house, be it for an online or an offline purchase. So, you don’t need to wait to see your gift as you will get it within 2 days! 

Love is about a happy you 

Our goal is to make you happy as your happiness means the world to us! We have 24hour customer support which can be reached by you anytime and anywhere. Whatever is the query, just dial us up. Because of our constant effort to do better, we now have more than 2 Million happy and satisfied customers, with the number rising everyday. So our love is about a happy you. 

At Red Moments, we go an extra step to make sure your gifts are as unique as the person receiving it. Each and every product is crafted with expertise by our team of talented artists. We are a leading gifting company in the personalised gift industry and our aim is to deliver you the coolest, most stylish gift options every time. 

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