December 17, 2019


In every society throughout human history, gift-giving has been a universal way of expressing love. Because there is something inside each human psyche that says if you love me or truly care for me, you will give me a beautiful gift. The choose of the gift speaks a volume: how much one knows about a person, especially likes and interests. The gifts need not be very expensive; all it matters is thought that counts. Even something as simple as a card will communicate your love.

Giving a gift is an act of self-gratification. It is a way of strengthening relationships. You can figure out how value is attached to each item if you look around the home of a person who loves to receive gifts. The collection of each gift received throughout the lifetime presents a visual reminder of affection.

“That doesn’t do a service to the relationship,” said Ellen J. Langer, a Harvard psychology professor. “If I don’t let you give me a gift, then I’m not encouraging you to think about me and think about things I like. I am preventing you from experiencing the joy of engaging in all those activities. You do people a disservice by not giving them the gift of giving.”

The giver of a gift expresses their thoughts, feelings by giving a gift with the receiver of the gift. In turn, the receiver of the gift receives the emotions and a connection is made. Gift giving, after all, is a physical symbol of a personal relationship and an expression of love & care that brings individuals together. That's why gifts are genuine tokens of affection, given without any expectation of recompense.

So what is the best gifting idea?

There is no compulsory act associated with surprises, as compared to a Christmas or birthday gift, which speaks volumes to a lover of gifts. You will discover what you like by tuning to their values, by noticing what makes your face lit up with joy and by listening to their needs.

Spending countless hours scouring through gift ideas and looking up just about every gift, if you are still unable to come up with a wonderful present, don’t call it a day just yet. Personalised presents are all about showing that you really care. What makes these gifts unique is a personal detail attached to them. The answer to everything, in the end, is personalised gifting.

A cushion with a name on it, or a night lamp as a sign of love with a couple name on it, show some effort, some trust and thought that went behind it.

Without a doubt, personalised gifts are memorable for the receiver. So the next time you look for a gift for someone special, make sure it is personalised. 

Here are the best available options for you


Personalised Jewellery

A personalised pendant or bracelet that creates an everlasting affection as it allows you to express your love. It comes with an engraved name too that makes wearer proud to adorn it. Gift an incredible piece of jewellery becausecustomised jewellery stimulates a sense of belonging through shared meaning and identity. Red Moments has a wide range of personalised pendant & bracelet explore our jewellery section.


Customised clocks

It’s important to have time for family& loved ones without distractions where you can nurture conversations. Quality time helps build reserves of positive memories, which are linked to increased happiness and affection. Preserve the timeless memories in a beautiful range of wall clock with frames. Let your loved ones’ heart tick each time the clock ticks.  A perfect gift to keep all timeless memories with you forever.



A survey by the Heinz company says nearly 60% of people said they had an emotional attachment to a favourite mug.  Around 40% said their special mug was irreplaceable, and about one-third said they would be depressed if it broke. But you probably didn’t need a survey to tell you that many of us are quite emotionally attached to our favourite mugs. Red Moments has a vast range of personalised mugs that comes with the favourite photo and a name. We also have a Magic mug, a thoughtful gift, black paint fades to favourite photo as soon as it is filled with a hot drink.


UV crystal

Objects can stimulate feelings related to positive e, supportive and harmonious social relationships or affiliative emotions and feelings in several ways. Like a UV crystal plaque, Red Moments has to offer, a beautiful piece of a shining gift: Give a wonderful glow, colourful depth and a crystal shine to precious memories. UV crystal plaque with a beautiful photo printed on it will definitely add a glittering smile to your loved one's face. 


Explore the unique range of personalised gifts at and give someone a gift of love that they can cherish forever.

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