August 29, 2020



“The best and the most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, it can only be felt with the heart”

Love is said to be one of the most beautiful and secured feelings in the world. A feeling that has many different ways to express through many different emotions. To know someone and being a reason of their happiness is a beautiful thing to feel about. The only happiness in life for a person is to love and be loved.

Expressing feelings to your partner by showering them with gifts and surprises can never be enough, the more the better. Finding that perfect gift for your partner can be tricky or confusing at times but we got you covered. With Red moments we have a plethora of gifts for your loved one. Let’s scroll down and find the perfect gift for your loved one -

1. Red Rose Bottle with LED Lights

A gift that is perfect to light up your date nights, something that is this simple but adds the touch of love to your special evenings. Red rose is the symbol of love and affection, sparking the romance between the two of you. The lights that can light up on your ups and downs and create the ray of love. This gift is a beautiful and classy piece with a touch of elegance to gift your loved one.


2. Handcrafted with Subli Wood Frame

A gift that looks as pretty as the picture. This wooden carved frame with two joined hearts in the bottom shows the love between the two joined souls. This frame can be placed anywhere at home and it will act as a style statement. It is classy and also adds a cosy vibe to the house. You can add a picture of you and your partner in this. This piece never goes out of style and something you can preserve with you always.


3. Memento Bottle with LED 

A bottle filled with all the special moments of you and your partner together, memories of places and things that you can cherish for a lifetime. How can one ever go wrong with a gift like this? This gift can be placed anywhere, it adds a beauty like a showpiece and also carries a meaning with it. This bottle comes with led lights to shine on. These lights add that extra spark and beauty to this bottle of love.


4. Kit of Happiness

Sometimes one gift is not enough to express your love for someone, or it may be confusing to find one right gift. This kit is everything you need to gift your woman to surprise her. This kit of love consists of four gifts- A cute little teddy bear, a beautiful red rose, heart shaped pillow and a cute little keychain. These gifts in the kit are the right gifts and they come straight from the heart. You can never fail to make someone happy with these gifts.


5. Handcrafted Tile & Wooden Plaque

This beautiful “I Love You” frame is one of the sweetest gifts to buy for your partner. You can customise this with pictures of you and your partner. Adding a fond memory into this will make your partner cherish this gift forever. This frame can be placed anywhere around, adding a touch of personalisation to your home space and décor.


6. Red Heart Pillow

Gift your loved one a pillow in the shape of a heart. This pillow is soft, comfy and adds as a beautiful piece on your bed. You can personalise this with a picture of your partner or a picture of you two together of a special memory you share. A pillow is a friend to hug during sad and happy times, with your picture in it, it feels you are always with your partner during their high and lows.


7. Handcrafted Tile & Wooden Plaque

This handcrafted heart shapes framed is all hearts and love. If you are looking for something to shower abundance love on your partner, this frame does the work. Adding your picture makes it personal and extra special for the receiver. These frames are timeless, a gift that will be preserved for a lifetime.


Love is a feeling which is never planned, whenever it happens, it creates one of the most magical moments in a person’s life. Cherishing those moments and time are very special in one’s life. Surprises and gifts are considered as a way of showing your affection towards your loved one and is the most loved gesture by all. If you are still confused check our website to find the perfect gift for your loved one.

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