August 21, 2020


“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in the life to celebrate”

Birthdays are one of those days in the year for which one always keeps waiting. In waiting for the party, dancing and dining with your favourite people around you. For your friends and loved ones, it is just an excuse to party and have fun, a celebration to remember. Whenever some of your near ones have their birthdays, you likely want to make their day a memorable one.

Birthday gifts are considered as an important part of the birthday, making the person feel special and elated on his day. Birthday gifts are a way to bring joy and create belongingness with the person, showing your feelings towards them. Go ahead and express your feeling for them on their special day.

If you worried as to what gift to buy and express your emotions towards them, we have a variety of unique and unusual gifts. Birthday is a very special day for everyone, at Red Moments we try to make them little extra special by personalising your stories and memories through our gifts.

Scroll down for the best gifts you can give on birthdays-

1. Wooden Frame

A gift like a frame where you can freeze any moment and hold forever into it. This wooden frame is beautiful and something that never goes out of style. Attach the frame with their picture or a picture of you twotogether. A happy birthday frame to get more of those birthday feels for the person.

2. Coffee Mugs

A birthday mug is a common yet the most useful gift. A mug is something that is used by everyone without any specifications. Ringing in their birthday with an early sip of coffee from the mug gifted by you, filled with words of love and affection would be a perfect start. This would be a special morning for them. You can add picture on mug and write your own message, customise it the way you like it.

3. Engraved Pillows

Having someone close to you all time is really special. A pillow is something which closest to the person when they sleep, cry, or even when they are happy. Having your little message written over it with a picture can make that gift feel extra important and special for the person. This pillow is soft, stylish and personalised, all in one, making it a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

4. Personalised Greeting Cards

A greeting card is something that can never go wrong to give to someone on their special day. It is the easiest way to convey your feelings to someone through words when you cannot express them. Cards are something that goes in hand with any occasion. Write down your feelings and wishes for the person with their picture on it. Special wordswritten by you surely carry tons of emotions and make it the best present for someone.

5. Handcrafted Wooden Frame

A gift to give to someone you love, a bond that is strong like a wooden frame. This gift can be carried and kept in office, home and anywhere. This is to remind that person you are always with them and make their birthday “Great Birthday”

6. Metal Keychains

A keychain is a handy, easy to carry, and convenient gift. This is a gift that is used by everyone, a necessity, and helpful too. It’s a gift your loved one will cherish and remember the good times you've spent together every time they use their key. Keychains are small and sweet gestures to show affection towards the other person.

7. Birthday Bash Frames

A frame is something that is cherished and kept forever. This is a cute frame that is usually loved by the kids. It is funky, colourful and attractive. You can give these frames as a memory with the person or as a gift of thanks for the people who come and make your birthday special for you.

Birthdays are all about surprises, unexpected gifts and bundle of joy. Birthdays are an important ritual, particularly when many of us can feel undervalued or overlooked in a complex and competitive world. As they come around the year, it is not always easy to express our appreciation for the person in heartfelt way.

It's time to keep all your worries aside, Red Moments have the perfect gift to celebrate Birthdays. If you are still unsure about what is the right gift, check out our website, and have your perfect gift.

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