October 24, 2019


No doubt, be it any festival, celebration creates a sense of delight that makes us happy but real happiness is beyond it. The true joy or happiness comes when we give a personal touch to the celebration. Because that is how we can transform each moment of happiness into life long memories. There are different ways to make a celebration special. But giving a personal touch is one of the most heart-touching ways as it directly connects with the person and a perfect way to show the love in your heart.  

Needless to say, exchanging gifts is an integral part of the celebration and the season of gifting is here from Diwali to Xmas & New Year. When we give a customised or personalised gift, then it is not just simply a gift or a gesture, rather it becomes a symbol of your connection and the bond you share. It tells them, how much you care and how much things which are close to your bond, matters to you. Personalised gifts directly speak to the soul of the receiver.

Throughout the year there are so many gift-giving occasions. Every time we put in a lot of thought in making sure that we give something unique and beautiful to make the celebration of our dear one truly happy. But, we end up buying some boring ordinary usual gifts. It’s time to break this monotonous pattern and add a personal touch. The best gift you can give someone is a collection of good moments. Here are a few beautiful options:

 LED Lamp:

Without lights, the celebration can never be bright. Light up life’s beautiful memories. Switch to an elegant LED Lamp and brighten up someone’s beautiful moments of life. Engrave the precious moment (picture) in a led frame to make it a unique, beautiful, and memorable gift. There are so many varieties of LED lamps, there can’t be a more beautiful way to add a personal touch to the celebration. A unique gift for your friends and loved ones.  

 Wooden LED Frame:

Wooden gifts are the perfect choice for any occasion. Discover the sophistication of wood that gives a touch of class to any occasion. A beautiful wooden LED frame to add a warm touch to the celebration! A unique frame to glow the names makes a great surprise for any celebration in life. 

 Magic Mug:

Gift a magical surprise to your loved ones. As soon as they will fill up the magic mug with a hot drink, they will be amazed to watch that the black paint fades to reveal their favourite photo. This mug is captivating and makes them think that magic is real! Breathe a bit of magic fun into the lives of your loved ones. This will surely add more smiles and joy to the celebration.  

 UV crystal plaque:

Let the beautiful moments shine more with this UV crystal plaque. Give a beautiful glow and colourful depth to the precious moment. The guest will pause for a moment to admire this beautiful frame. Gift crystal moments to your dear ones:  A beautiful way to add a personal touch to any celebration.

 Keepsake in Acrylic:

It’s time to relive a special moment every day. Here is a unique keepsake in acrylic, with the initial of your loved ones along with a photo, a moment to cherish for a lifetime. Personalisation is always reserved for people who mean the most to you in the world.

Life is all about celebration. Beautifully treasure your memories, so that you and your loved ones can cherish them forever. Head on over to www.redmoments.in, browse our selection and give us a call if you have any queries.

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