May 29, 2020


"New Normal" is a term we all would be hearing for quite some time; A term which had no meaning in our lives a few months ago; A term which is going to change our way of living forever. So, why has this term taken so much importance in our lives and what does it even mean for us?


Well, as we are all aware, this disease is not like the ones we have experienced before. It is not a temporary inconvenience we are facing. It is much more than that. To understand the crisis, we will have to understand that this ‘New Normal’ is here to stay. The entire world is going through changes. These changes are developmental, economical, environmental and even personal. The pandemic has recalibrated everything: work, life and play. Work meetings have turned into conference calls, movie dates have turned into Netflix Party, hanging out with friends has turned into many video calls. Don’t we miss our old life? Of course, we do! So, let’s work towards a better, safer tomorrow. A tomorrow where we are not confined to our homes, a tomorrow where we can meet our friends again, tomorrow where we can rejoice our tea breaks with our colleagues again. 


The only way we can bring about a COVID free tomorrow is if we take the necessary precautions TODAY. Today is the time when the world needs us, we need us! Today is the time when we can actively take part in making the world a better place. Don’t we all wait for superheroes to save our days? Well, for this tomorrow to happen, we have to become our own superheroes and make the world a better place! 


The government is in the process of lifting the lockdown. But, we cannot confuse this lift of the lockdown to a situation where we can go back to our usual habits. We have to do our bit. What can you do when the lockdown is lifted? Here are some pointers to keep in mind:


Make mask your accessory

For a few years now, we have to treat masks as an essential accessory we have to wear at all times, be it at work or at a restaurant. With a simple act like this, you are protecting yourself, your loved ones and all the other strangers you come in contact with each day. 


Social Distancing is the norm

Love hugs? Well, you might have to be more careful now. We have to see everyone as a possible suspect of the disease. You will have to maintain social distancing even with your closest people. It will be hard but it will be worth it. 


Digital- the new way of life

Our dependency on digital will increase even more. A lot of our meetings will now be zoom calls and there is a possibility that most of the days of the week, we will have to continue working from home. So, make digital your new best friend and explore the online world. 


Take Precautions

You have to always have your guard up high. Don’t forget to take the necessary precautions like washing hands regularly, eating home-cooked food, avoiding strange new places or restaurants, etc. Take every day as a battle in which you are fighting with the world to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the wrath of coronavirus. 


Sanitizer- your new buddy

Find a new friend in your sanitizer! Keep it with yourself at all times and use it as much as you can. Don’t forget to even sanitize your phone and your laptop screen as it can be a host to many germs. 


I am not saying that by taking the above precautions, coronavirus will leave us forever, but we have to try our best. We have to adjust to this new world, this world of distance and precautions. We have to remember that every wrong step, every overlook of a precaution can set our progress back for a few months. It won’t be easy or flowery, but dealing with a pandemic never is. We have to stay strong and find our happiness in this new world, the ‘New Normal’. Don’t lose heart, don’t lose hope, just fight on!

They say things will never go back to normal. But, whoever saved the world with their pessimism? So, let us join together and be optimistic about a better, more ‘normal’ tomorrow.

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