March 01, 2020

Gorgeous. Smart. Sassy. Inspiring. Multi-tasker. Kind. Assertive. Woman. A woman is all of these and so much more. She is the one who gives birth to us as a mother, who supports us as a sister, who guides us as a friend, who loves us as a partner. She is an enigma and her importance cannot be unacknowledged. 

This Women’s day, celebrate, acknowledge and appreciate all the women in your life-be it your mother, wife, sister or friend. Admire them and tell them how important they are to you and your life. Express your love and gratitude towards them and make them feel special. What’s the best way to express your love for your special woman? Gifts!

Gifts, though an object, speak a lot. A gift is an excellent way to express appreciation and acknowledgement for a woman’s contribution to your life. But, don’t just buy any gift, buy a gift that speaks to her, speaks about her, and speaks to you about your feelings for her. Make this Women’s day for her extra special with investing in special and unique gift options for her! 

So, stop scanning various online sites, as we have curated a list of special gifts for you, this Women’s Day:

For your Mother 

Your mother is by far the most important woman in your life. Her love is unconditional and she is the only woman who will support you in every walk of your life. Here are few gift options for your mother, to express your gratitude towards her:


  • Mother the powerhouse frame

Your mother is truly the powerhouse of a person. She has raised you, loved you, protected you and nurtured you all her life. Give her a gift that defines how amazing she is and remind her that you love her with this stylish and classy photo-frame!


  • Bundle of Mom affection

Honestly, your mom is one of the most important people in your life. Others will come and go, but she will always stay put and love you unconditionally. Give her a bundle of your affection, expressing your gratitude towards her. The bundle includes a mug, a keychain and a pillow with a quote that describes your and her relationship, “Who cares? Well, my MOM cares a lot!”


  • Superwoman Mobile Cover

We all know that the only superwoman in our life is our mother! There is nothing she cannot do. She is strong, kind, loving, all in one. Tell her how awesome she is with this Superwoman mobile cover


For your Sister

You fight, you argue but in the end you cannot help but give her your unconditional love. Your sister is someone who will always give you the support you need, whenever you need it. Here’s a list of gifts to give her this Women’s Day:


  • Sweet Sister Quotes Frame

Your sister is your friend forever. This Women’s Day, appreciate the love she puts in for you by giving her this amazing and stylish sweet sister quotes frame. Trust us, she will remember this gift forever. 


  • Sweet Sister Mobile Cover 

On Women’s Day, be the reason for your sister’s smile with this uber cool and fashionable mobile cover. Tell her how much you love and appreciate her always being there and add on a style factor to her phone. 


  • A kit of love for Sister

Make your sister feel special this Women’s Day by surprising her with ‘A Kit of Love’ for her. This package contains a mug, a keychain and a pillow with a quote that reads, “Hey Sis, You are a masterpiece”. 


For your Wife

Your wife is your partner for life. She is the person you chose to be a part of your family and she will always love you unconditionally. Have a look at some cool options to to gift her this Women’s Day:


  • Kit of Happiness

This Women’s Day, show your wife your romantic side by giving her this 'Kit of happiness'. It will be her most cherished possession as it contains four unique gift items which represent your love: sweet little teddy, beautiful red rose, heart-shaped pillow heart & a cute love Keychain.


  • A kit of Wifey Love

This is for all your lovely husbands who are in a fix as to what to give their wife this Women’s Day. Gift her a token of your love and express your appreciation towards her with this mug, pillow and keychain combo. 


  • Queen (heart and key) pendant

Tell your wife that she is the only one who has the key to your heart with this gorgeous piece of necklace. It is stylish and elegant and trust us, you cannot go wrong with this one! 


Other Women (Daughter/Friend/Colleague)

Every woman is important. So here are gift options which you can gift to any woman in your life:


  • Super Girl Rectangular Pendant

This stylish super girl pendant is a gift that every woman will absolutely love and adore. Give her a gift to express how amazing she is and tell her she will always be a Super girl in your life. 


  • Beyoutiful Mobile Cover

A woman so beautiful, she deserves this ‘beyoutiful’ mobile cover to remind her how gorgeous she is. This very stylish and elegant phone cover will be the perfect Women’s Day gift for her. 


This Women’s Day, don’t just gift her, gift her with love! Appreciate your woman, love her and tell her how important she is to you. 

Visit to scan through a variety of more gift options from our special Women’s Day collection. 

Happy Women’s Day! 



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