February 06, 2020



It has been a month since the year 2020 has started, the beautiful day is on its way and by that, we mean Valentine’s day. Many of us must be wondering about doing something personal and simple as we know that love should be value based on what you give instead of what you get. Even gifting something with full heart to your loved one can do wonders in a relationship. We have unique gifting options for you


1. Four Photos Ladies Pendant

The Four Photos Ladies Pendant is inspired by the beauty and versatility of love. The silver necklace is in the form of the angel wing claps of this mesmerizing locket and expands over to reveal four beautiful pictures of your precious loved ones. This is a perfect gift to keep your loved ones close to your heart, especially on Valentine’s day. This Four Photos Ladies Pendant is specially designed to catch other person’s eyes and embrace their charm

2. Wooden Plaque with Subli Wood

This Classy Wooden Plaque made up of the Subli Wood can be personalised with the picture of your loved ones. It is an elegant gifting option. Love is restored in a photograph for years or even generations. Photographs act as a time capsule which helps us travel back in time and relive some of our most precious moments. This Wooden plaque is carved in the shape of a heart to symbolise how much you value love and relation.

3. Love Keychain

The Love Keychain can be personalised by placing photos of you two in the heart of “I Love You”. The Love Keychain Can be a great gifting option for your wife or girlfriend, especially for this valentine. This keychain would remind them every day and every time about how much you love them and want to be with them whenever you are away. Make this keychain as a keepsake gift by adding a memorable picture of yours and the recipient.   

4. Kit of Happiness

You must be in a fix about that one special gift for your one and only. The kit of happiness is a solution to every misery of making you think that maybe one gift is not enough to express your love. Five unique gift items which represent your love: sweet little teddy, beautiful red rose, heart-shaped pillow heart, Key chain & a cute clock. Gift this special kit to your loved ones. 

5. Red Rose and Teddy Combo

Sometimes it is very difficult to express your feelings. Valentine's day is the right moment to express those emotions. Red rose and teddy is the perfect symbol of love. This red rose and sweet teddy combo is a classic valentine's day gift. Go ahead, gift it to special someone or the better half of your life. Just imbibe love into your soul and let your feelings flow to your loved one this Valentine's Day.

6. Exciting Game for Adult Couple

Valentine's Day isn't just for gifts! Show your affection by gifting a fun Exciting Game for Adult Couple. Get rid of dull or monotonous gift by adding a fun & romantic couple game. Not at all complicated, very easy to play. Indeed, a great way to spice things up. Roll the dice, make the move and do the act, a romantic one. Just go ahead and play it with your sweetheart.

Many times, people or lovers forget the simplicity of these small gifts which can lead to happy situations and memories in the end. An absorbing gift requires to be prepared sincerely and in this, the price doesn’t matter, but the sentiments do while choosing a good gift for the one you want to spend the rest of your time with. Check out more options at redmoments.in

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