July 21, 2020


“From childhood memories to grown-up dreams, it’s always been you along”

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most auspicious occasion celebrated in the Hindu religion. The importance of this festival is to celebrate the relationship between a brother and a sister, a bond which is the purest form of love. A sister prays for well being of her brother by tying a thread called “Rakhi” on their wrist and in return the brother promises to protect them for lifetime and shower them with gifts. Siblings may move on in their life journeys, away from each other, but they are forever bounded by having starting life from the same boat.

This year, due to pandemic, there has been a huge impact on the celebrations. Like every year one cannot go out and buy all the necessary things required for the celebration. To get away from this problem, why not try shopping online? One of the most convenient and safe way to shop this year is to do it online. Online shopping has various perks and is fun in its own ways. With us, at Red moments we have a one-stop solution to all your problems for celebrations.

Here are a few perks that make online shopping interesting;

1. Wide range of collection

 When you visit a local store, you don’t have a variety of options. They tend to have old stock many times. You need to wander from store to store to buy Rakhi and then your gift. Online shopping makes it easier for you. You have a plethora of unique types of Rakhi, from trendy to basic, all under one place. There are various combos of Rakhi and gifts for all age groups to save your time and efforts.


2. One day delivery

One thing that is of concern for everyone about the time online stores take to deliver the products. Our store provides you with the service of one-day delivery. You don’t have to worry about late deliveries and not receiving products on time anymore. Now you can even send your siblings Rakhi and gifts at end moment without worrying for it to be delayed and reaching after festivals.


3. Free shipping all over India

 The best part of online shopping is that you can send gifts across the country. For brothers who stay far away, just a few clicks and online gifting is the best way to send love for each other. We provide free shipping all over the country. You need not worry about any shipping charges while sending gifts to your loved ones. You just need to buy your gift and it is our responsibility to make them reach to your loved ones.


4. Personalised / Customised gifts

You can visit our online store and get your own personalised and custom-made gift for your siblings. This way you can add your personal touch to the gift making it more special. Personalised gifts are always close to heart, always carrying a meaning with them. One can never go wrong with these gifts. Just a few clicks of adding a special touch to your product and it makes lifelong memory for your siblings.


5. Gift combos 

You can get various attractive gifts in combos on our website. Like in traditional market you need to go to different places for different products, here you can find great combos consistingthem. With your liking and preference, you can choose a combo of your own and get it personalised in your own way making it even more special.


6. Reduce long distance relationship 

 For brothers and sisters who live across our country, far from each other, with online Rakhi gifting you don’t have to worry about the distance factor anymore. You can live the moments of celebrations together this way. Gifting personalised gifts attached to memories will make them feel your presence, always with them. Having your hearts connected, distance does not matter.


Siblings are those people who always try to bring out the best in you. They make your hard times easier by just being by your side. They are that golden thread that adds meaning to your life. Make this Raksha Bandhan the best celebration for your sibling. Shower them withabundance of love with our help.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is nearing and you would want to start your preparations before you run out of time. If you still haven’t checked out amazing Rakhi and combos, do it now. Check our website for the best gifts for your loved one, www.redmoments.com

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