September 20, 2019



Like any other travel lover, my passport is my prized possession. Being a globetrotter, my passport remains something that holds my travel memoirs more than anything else. Hence, to make it feel more than just a photo identity to be checked in at the airport and get stamped upon, the idea of giving it a more ‘me’ feel had been in my mind since a long time. Also, before anything else, let me just take this moment to confess something about myself.

I’m a bit irresponsible when it comes to taking care of my belongings (guilty as charged!!) And, not wanting to lose something as important as my passport, I thought it needed something where it could be safe. So, what would be something that protected my beloved passport and also gave it a touch of my personality?

I looked hither and tither on the internet for answers, and along came it, in the platform named Red Moments. Yes, you might have seen ample options and variety available in the personalized passport cover segment, but as I said, I was looking for something that defined ‘me’. So, when I told them a bit about myself, they happily guided me on what kind of charms I could use that suited my personality.

From their more than two dozen charming charms, I knew right away what I wanted. But what made me happy was the fact that nowhere else had I been able to find the ‘music’, ‘camera’ and ‘flight’ charm with more than one design option. When I was confused about their placement, they helped me with that too! Do you want to see what it looks like? Here it is then!

Despite taking a long time to decide on the colour, the choosing of the charms and the placement of the charms on the passport holder, once I placed the order, it was on at my doorstep the very next day after the order was placed! And I even chuckled thinking, “Their delivery time was lesser than the time I took in placing the order” haha!

And once I had unpacked from the passport from its beautiful packaging (which also I must add, had a bit of a ‘personal’ touch. You saw the card with my name on it, right) and held it in my hands, this is what my face looked like! Want to know a little secret on why I wanted some particular charms? Well, it’s a silly reason but I wanted my passport holder to match my wrist tattoos and now they finally do! (See the airplane and the musical note? Yep, same as that on the passport cover!) With ‘Flight, Music, and Camera’ I’m now ready to explore the world with this new chic passport holder from Red Moments.

What did I like about Red Moments?

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Variety of charms
  • Quick delivery
  • Helpful support staff
  • Promptness in response
  • Tracking service (after placement of an order)

They even had the perfect and my favorite shade of blue which I wasn’t able to spot anywhere else. Oh! and they have quite a few good other colour variants too. Also, besides this product, they have a world of other personalized gifting solutions. I’m pretty sure where my people’s birthdays and anniversary gifts are coming from, from now on!

Manali Desai bought it and shared her valuable review on her Instagram page - A Rustic Mind. Check out her blog My passport has a New Address!

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