October 31, 2019



The last few days must have been a much-needed break from routine work. Other than the obvious charm of catching up with friends and relatives, gorging over delicious food and enjoying the other varied festivities, what we most enjoy about this long festive season is that for a few days, we get a break from our professional as well as homely duties. 

With offices, businesses and even schools and colleges being closed, adults and children alike are in the light-hearted mood all around. But sadly, the break from parenting, working and studying is now over. We’re all back to our 9 to 6 jobs and the kids are back to poring their heads over books and busy attending schools and colleges. It is without a doubt going to take some time to get back to that routine for people of all ages! With that routine, our essentials of everyday tasks were also forgotten and must have even gone out of stock due to a lack of attention. 

So, here’s us extending some help on these essentials. Give them a personalised touch and maybe it’ll even help keep that festive mood alive the whole year round!


For You:

  • Personalised Diary

We all need a daily planner to get through everyday tasks. Right from picking up the grocery to sending that pending mail, list down all ‘to-do’ things in our diary by adding a little bit of ‘you’ in it. 

  • Personalised Pen (available in ample designs and colours)

How can your professional tasks get done without this important essential, right? Go ahead and restock the most important element of your stationery through one or more of our many personalised pens. Get your name engraved on this to give them that personal touch. 

  • Personalised Card Holder

No professional work can get done without having business and visiting cards on hand. Why not keep them someplace chic? Our personalised cardholder can hold yours as well as others’ card so that you can give them to someone during important meetings or use them when you need to get back to one of your business associates. 

  • Personalised Pen drive (available in ample designs and colours)

Backing up your work and personal data would be a priority after the festive break. Get that data into something which you can claim is yours! Pick from one of our many colours and designs available to save work as well as a personal device on a personalised pendrive!


For your little ones:

  • Pencil Box with Photo (available in metal and plastic with many designs and colour options)

Let your child get back to school with items that define them. Of these, their compass box is their most important and prized possession. With our photo pencil box, they can have their cute faces on these or even get a family from the festive season itself to be proudly put on it and remind them of the good times they had during the festive break. 

  • Personalised Sipper Bottle (available in aluminium and plastic with many designs and colour options)

No kid goes to school without water bottles. So, restock this essential item in your child’s routine through one of our many designs from the personalised sipper bottles that we have. 

  • Personalised Tiffin Box (available in 6 shapes and designs)

As parents, you wouldn’t be sending your kids to school without a tiffin box. Restock and add a personalised touch to this daily essential. Let them remember their festive food gorging every time they open or look at their tiffin box!

  • Personalised Pen (available in ample designs and colours)

Even kids need a pen while studying at school or at home. Let them use one of our many personalised pens too. 


Though getting back to work and routine isn’t something most of us look forward to, it can get a cheerful touch through these personalised essentials! Head on over to www.redmoments.in, browse our selection and give us a call if you have any queries.

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