October 18, 2019


Ask any Indian across the globe about their favourite festival or favourite time of the year and they’d most likely respond with ‘Diwali’. It is this one festival which has all the flavours that we look for in a celebration, right from trendy outfits to delicious food, we love every element about this festival.

Apart from food and clothes though, an important part which gets most highlighted during Diwali festive season is the décor. The clay lamps and LED lamps, various types of fairy lights, and big and small home décor items from wall to door hangings, all get flaunted proudly in each Indian household. Admit it, don’t we all love this part the most? Lighting up our houses is what marks the onset of this festival and since this year’s onset is not so far away, we have some suggestions for something unique to make your home and the home décor say ‘Happy Diwali’  

With a personalised touch, our range of products will make this year’s festive décor about you and your family. Use these as a medium to send out festive greetings to all those guests you’re expecting at your home sweet home.

Here’s our carefully curated list of suggestions on how you can do this : 

1. Hand Decorated Plaques

From tiled to wooden, and from hanging to standing plaques we have these in various designs and to fit in photos as per your room size and to match your other room décor like your walls and your furniture. You can have couple photos to family photos, all fit in these beautiful eye-soothing plaques and add a charm to any room in your home. 

2. Engraved Products

Our engraved products has a huge collection of everything from jewellery to home décor to stationery items. For personalised home décor in this segment, you can pick from one of these :

  •  Engraved photo frame
  •  Laser Engraved LED frames (3 designs available)
  •  Engraved stone frames (available in three different shapes)

The best part about our engraved home décor range is that you can have one of your personal favourite quotes or a special date, or even a quote defining your relationship engraved on these products. 

3. LED Products

Diwali is called the ‘Festival of lights’ after all. So within each household there’s bound to be all sorts of lighting, ranging from the decorative to the simple ones. Our range of LED products will add a personalised touch to this year’s lighting décor at your home. From lamps and bottles to photo frames, you can pick anything that suits your requirement and something you feel would fit best with your other festive decoration. 

4. Personalised Clocks

In these ‘Smart Times’, a wall clock is must in every household. With over 15 designs offering various shapes as well as colours, we ensure you the best-looking wall this festive season with our personalised wall clocks. We even have table and desk clocks if you’re looking for smaller clocks or something to put on your centre table rather than on the wall. 

5. Personalised Frames

A home will never be completed without a family or couple’s photo either on the walls or on the bedside desks and centre tables. With an option to put one to many photos, we have frames in different sizes, colours and designs which you can personalise through some of the best captured moments spent together with family or even friends. 

6. Personalised Fridge Magnets

The rooms and hall are well-taken care of, because that’s where most guests would sit. But, why not decorate the kitchen as well? With over various designs, you can choose and personalise the kitchen décor too! Try not to get confused with the variety of fridge magnets which we offer. 

There are ample options out there when looking for festive décor. But with these, we hope to help you personalise the way you celebrate Diwali with your family and loved ones this year. 

Have a Personalised Diwali with https://redmoments.in/ 

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