May 22, 2020



What is a smile? As per the dictionary meaning, “A smile isa pleased, kind, or amused facial expression.” So, what is it about this one simple expression that makes it so unique and precious to all of us? It is the feeling behind it. We smile when we are happy and pleased and content and that is exactly how we are when we receive a gift from a special someone. A gift is nothing but a price you pay to see someone flash you the brightest, sweetest, most sincere expression ever: A SMILE.


People often mistake gifts as just objects but a gift is so much more than that, it is a source of someone’s happiness, and what’s more important than that? So, that makes selecting a gift even more crucial. The quality and the emotion behind the gift will be measured by the length of the smile.


 A gift is an interpretation of what we feel about that person. It speaks a thousand words. Your gift can either make or break your story. It can say everything, from ‘I love you’ to ‘You are special’ to ‘I miss you’ to ‘I am sorry’. The trick is to pick the gift that conveys your emotion perfectly. It is not a task to get over with, it is an emotion to savour. It is an activity that provides happiness to both the giver and the receiver. In the end, it is not about the money you spend on a gift, it is the feeling behind it.


Here are some tips to keep in mind while buying that perfect gift:


Don’t Hurry

Gift giving is a very intricate and passionate affair. Don’t ruin it by being in a hurry. Take your time, remember the person whom you are buying it for and understand if it resonates with them and their personality. Scan through our website to look for some unique options to gift your loved ones.


Be personal 

A gift is very personal, so make it special. Add a little emotion to the process by customising it and giving it a personal touch. At Redmoments, you can customise anything and everything and be assured about the best quality and range.


Materialistic + Emotional = Best gift combo

A gift can be an emotional one that resonates with a common memory or a materialistic one that is something that the person wants. But, the best gift is the one that is the combination of the two. A simple note, a letter, an engraved name, a symbol, anything can make a gift even more special for the receiver.


Not about money 

A good gift might be the most expensive one, but a great gift is the most emotional one! Gifting is not about money, it is about the feeling behind it. Don’t treat it as a chore, treat it as an activity by which you are sending a message to the receiver. 


Gifting is a very under-appreciated activity that does not get due credit. It is not an easy process, it is deep, it is emotional and it takes effort. It is an acquired skill that can be learned but with precision. It is a skill very few possess and everyone admires. So, we hope you are one of those people who possess this art of gifting, because what is more special than bringing that smile on your favourite person? We will give you a tip, whenever in doubt, go for customisation. It not only enhances the gift but also makes the person feel so much more important. A customised gift stands out and is guaranteed to make the person smile the widest! It is also the best way to make the person remember you forever. Check out to find an array of personalised gift options for anyone and everyone. 


Also, what’s better than being a reason for someone’s smile?

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