July 19, 2019


In less than a month from now, the festivity and fervour will begin. It sets off with Raksha Bandhan. It is the festival of a sacred thread of love and affection and bondage. This thread is called as Rakhi, that sisters tie onto their brothers' wrists, who in turn pledge to protect her. Every year it is a celebration of a special moment - the bond of love between a brother and a sister. This year, let’s make the joyous bond of between the two a memorable one.

Everyone likes a surprise, especially when we have some special festive celebrations. On this day, the ‘Rakhi’ that sisters tie on their brothers’ wrist doesn’t remain just a thread, but a mark of pure and unceasing love between the two. Let’s take it a level up, buy a Rakhi that is filled with a sweet and an old cherished moment -  a photo of your brother. Yes! This year, you can tie a Rakhi that has a picture of your brother. Imagine how surprised your brother would be!

What’s more, you will have a great bargaining power to demand the best and equally special gift too. Yep! That’s advantage for you. 

Personalised Rakhi for Kids

Every kid loves cartoon character and they get excited to have one. The creative and playful Rakhi will delight your brother when he sees his favourite cartoon character on it. He will definitely love to flaunt it. Bring a million-dollar smile on your younger brother’s face and give him a mesmerizing surprise on this RakshaBandhan.

Personalised Rakhi for Adults

If you want to make your elder brother feel special, then you should go for a personalised Rakhi. Siblings have a beautiful collection of their special memories of past events. You can have one printed on it on the motif of the Rakhi. Personalised Rakhifurther strengthen the emotional bond. Because it enables in conveying the emotions which words can’t do.

Just go for a Personalised Rakhi

Each year is different when it comes to festivals and we create sweet memories all of these years. Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious occasion celebrating the brother-sister bond and this year you can do can something different and memorialize it further. By tying a personalised and special Rakhi on your brother’s wrist you are creating an even stronger bond which will surely be cherished forever.

You can have a Rakhi celebration which is perfect to put a broader smile on your sibling’s face. Browse our exclusive personalised Rakhi collection, for kids and adults. 

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