July 15, 2020



“When you are stuck in life, your sibling will always be your guiding light” 

It is hard to define the love between a brother and sister. Among all those incessant banters and fights, there is a deep love which is shared that cannot be measured. This relationship is a complete blend of quarrels, happiness, bickering, and above all, lots of love. It is a bond that stays till the end of time.

Having a brother is one of the greatest blessings. On this Raksha Bandhan take an extra step and buy something personal to add that extra charm in your celebration. Personalise can never go out of style, it just reminds us of how important is that person in our life.

If you are still muddled and scratching your head as to what to gift, here is a list of some amazing combos which can be of great help. Let’s roll down to the best combos for your brother.

1. BRO Frame + Rakhi

A simple yet most meaningful gift. This is a gift which is timeless, one that never goes out of style. It is also a reminder to your brother that having him is like always having a best buddy along. He will always be your number one person to go to and you love him the most.

2. Personalise Passport holder + Rakhi

Having a sibling means always having a travel partner along with you. Remember how they have been with you from dusk to dawn. A passport cover will propose their desire to travel again. A name on the holder will give an extra feeling of belongingness to them. Get ready for some new travel plans now. 

3. Name engraved bracelet

Standing out of crowd with your own personalised bracelet, a personalisation preserves a memory forever. This piece is a finishing touch to all your looks, persisting to all seasons of style. Something that will always be with them on their hand, reminding them of you.

4. Magic mug + Rakhi

Gifting a custom mug is like painting a canvas. A coffee mug is the best idea regardless the age of the person. Everyone uses a mug and adding a personalise touch to it becomes a memory. Every time they hold the mug, morning or night, it will always remind them of you. A wooden name engraved Rakhi just adds an extra touch of belongingness to it.

5. Personalised blue sipper bottle + Rakhi

As a kid, you always want to have the best of everything amongst your friends. Personalised bottles are one of the really cool thing to gift to your younger sibling. A photo adds the personal touch of the giver. The photo Rakhi is always attractive to the young ones. This gift can never go wrong for kids.

6. Personalised Star-shaped cushion + Rakhi

Going to sleep every night, reminding them of you. A photo pillow is the best thing to gift. Walk down the memory lane and pick the photos which have some fun and memorable incidents with them and attach them permanently to a pillow. A memory that will never fade. A photo band Rakhi is always an extra personal touch to the gift. 

7. Personalised Men wallet + Rakhi

A great choice of a gift for every occasion, a wallet is one of the few things which are important for man as an accessory. A perfect gift for your ever so hard-working and workaholic brother. If you want to gift something that always stays with him, this is it. A name printed wallet gives a personal feel to him when using it.

8. Personalised Rolling crayons + Rakhi

Kids are always fond of colours. It's their age of being creative and doing random things. Their fear of someone taking away their crayons ends when you can give them a personalised set of their own. A cool Rakhi along with it is a bonus for them. Kids definitely love this. 

9. Personalise Executive ball pen + Rakhi

Gift your loved one their name written pens and encourage them to write their own bright future with the same.  A pen symbolises intellect. It is always shown as a respect gifting a pen to someone. Write their dreams, wishes, and future with them and hope for their success. A personalised pen helps you to be there with their success.

Personalise gifts are something that can never go off. Time can change, person can change, location can change, but the moment, image and the memory will never change. It stays still the same. These gifts are reservoir of splendid memories.

When it comes to speaking your heart out and showing affection towards your brother, thanking him for everything he has done, these gifts will make your job easier. Let’s make this Raksha Bandhan unforgettable for your brother by gifting him one of the above gifts with the beautiful Rakhi that comes along.

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