December 24, 2019



Christmas is a holiday known for only two things, Santa Claus and the Gifts that he brings in his huge red bag, larger than his stomach. But as adults, we know that Santa Claus was never real, and it was only our parents who hung stuff in the stockings, or under the trees.

While we are now away from their shadows, we cannot let the Christmas spirit down, so, let us be the secret Santa for our spouses. If you are thinking of some great ideas that are both personalised and unique, there is nothing better than

Here are a few gift ideas from our portal that you can explore and gift your spouse to become an awesome secret Santa.



A pen drive in this Tech savvy world always comes to the rescue. It is said that the capability of storing a wide amount of information quickly and efficiently along with the convenience of easily carrying them in your pockets. So wouldn’t this be a perfect gift for your corporate client or a tech-savvy spouse? It comes with an option of engraving his/her name on it which will make it look elegant and modish. 


King & Queen Photo Frame

Photo frames have always been a perfect gifting choice. Customising them thus will never go out of style. This one, a pair with the symbolism of King and queen of hearts, is the latest product with great meaning. A customized KING & QUEEN frame for the elegance in surprise, where the couple itself is overwhelmed with love and happiness. A perfect gift for a lovely couple or just for self to declare we are the KING & QUEEN of hearts for each other, forever.



Yellow Two Tone Personalised Ceramic Mug

Personalised two-tone mug with yellow colour inside and on the handle as well. You can Customize your images from the templates for the occasion you want. Let love take the sip of happiness. Very easy to get customised and delivered from, this is a perfect gift to remind them of secret Santa that’s you at the morning coffee, every day.


Collapsible Bottle

These unique flexible, scale to any size, bottles are available in two colours. The collapsible silicone water bottle is an effortless way to tell your loved ones to always be hydrated. This is a retractable model. The size adjusts with the volume of water, and is thus very easy to carry along. Go for this option and you will be famous as a secret Santa with really unique bottle gift.  


Name Engraved Ladies Bracelet

Jewellery is something that is always cherished. Gift the ladies in your life a name engraved bracelet that she can carry around like a twinkling charm. a bracelet to tell her what she means to you? The bracelet is all you need to say to her that she means the world to you. This doubled-layered bracelet is a sight to behold. It also has a heart-shaped plate for etching your special someone's name and for giving it a personalized touch. Beautiful craftsmanship, elegant finish, and dazzling appearance are some of the reasons why this is the perfect gift for your loved one.


You can browse many more unique gift options on This Xmas, not just be a secret Santa, but be a Secret Santa of personalised gifts. 


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