February 22, 2020



Women’s day is coming and you need to tell your lady love what she means to you with a personalised gift! But before we dive into that, it is important to understand why gifts are so important to women? 

Believe it or not, gifts are a tangible way to show and express your affection. They bear powerful messages and help speak the unspoken love. Gifts help tell her you love her, you care for her and how important she is to you. They not only ensure a smile on her face, but also work to strengthen your relationship and bond. 

But, in the world overwhelmed by various gifting options, how do you select a gift that will exactly display and portray your feelings for her? A gift that is valuable enough and will provide her happiness and joy? Well, personalise it!So if you are thinking about going that extra mile in making those gifts you have in mind customised, don’t think, just go for it. You know the old saying "it is the thought that counts."  A personalised and customised gift shows even more thought on your part. They help display your affection and are more thoughtful and special. One of the main reasons to choose a customised gift is to allow your personal connection to shine through. It allows you to materialize your relationship and share that special bond with your lady love. This is what a personal touch in the gift does- it builds a connection, celebrates it and helps make it stronger. 

But, choosing a gift is not so easy. If you are running low on gift-giving inspiration, don’t you worry! We have curated a list with plenty of amazing and personalised gift ideas that you can buy for your special lady: 

1. Name Engraved Ladies Pendant

Tell your woman that she is ‘Star’ of your life with this dainty and stylish Name Engraved Ladies pendant. The two layered necklace stands out amongst other gifts with its grace. Customise it by engraving her name on the star. 

2. Coffee Mug for wife

What better gift than a mug in which she can enjoy her favourite tea/coffee! This Coffee Mug with a matte finish redefines class. Customise it by adding her image along with a personalised message for her and see it becoming her most treasured possession. 

3. Passport Holder

A perfect gift for your lady who loves to travel. This brown coloured passport holder will ensure that her passport and ID is safe at all time, not to mention it will be the coolest accessory to carry in the airport! Add a personal touch to it by engraving her name and adding her favourite charms. 

4. Keepsake in Acrylic 

If your special lady is on the lookout of an addition to her home decor, gift her this stylish and aesthetic Keepsake in Acrylic frame. Get this exquisite frame of her name letter and customise it by adding your favourite picture of her. This unique gift is guaranteed to bring a beautiful smile to her face. 

5. Square Cosmetic Mirror

Every lady needs a perfect and right sized cosmetic mirror in her purse. This square cosmetic mirroris fashionable and stylish and has a metal frame too. Not only that, you can customise it by adding her image and a message. 

6. Name Engraved personalised diary

Leave a mark in her life by gifting her a name engraved personalised diary. This stylish piece of diary can be used to write her thoughts, notes or even letters for you. Customise it by engraving her name along with a symbol she loves. 

7. Name engraved ladies ring

You cannot go wrong with this gorgeous, delicate and dainty piece of name engraved ladies ring. The elegant golden-coloured band, along with the breath-taking stone in the middle, makes it a must have for every woman! Add your personal touch by engraving her name on it. 

8. 13 Foto Subli Wood Wooden Wall Clock

A clock this special is no clock but a masterpiece in gifts! This heart-shaped wooden wall clock is perfect to show her your love. Make a collage of 13 of her pictures and give her a gift of your heart. 

9. Name Engraved Ladies Bracelet

Mix dainty and dynamic with this bracelet that's bound to become one of her every day favorites. This name engraved ladies bracelet will rock her every look and outfit. Customise it by engraving her name on it. 


10. Personalised Keychain

This personalised keychain is the perfect combination of functional and emotional gift for your special lady. The intricate design adds on to the elegance and grace. Personalise it by adding your beloved image of her and remind her that you love her. 


Gifts are a feeling, an expression and not just a product. Invest your time and efforts and give your special lady the love of customisation. Because, anyone can buy a gift from the counter, but only you can buy her a customised gift.After all, gift giving is all about sharing your sentiments with a gift and adding them to the gift sounds like a perfect match.

 Nothing will ever be as glamorous as she is, but her gift should at least try to compete. Have a look at many other unique customisable options to gift your lady love, this #WomensDay. 

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