May 08, 2020


 Once upon a time, there was a war that terrorised the entire world. It left people stranded, alone and without any support. There was no end visible and the condition seemed to be getting worse with each passing day. People needed hope, they needed warriors, they needed superheroes. 

     Are you wondering why this sounds like an introduction to a superhero movie? Because it was just like one! But, unlike the fictional heroes, this time we had real heroes who stepped up to save the world. 

     It is true, not all heroes wear capes, some carry lathis to maintain peace, some wear a white coat with a stethoscope to treat the injured and some wear a helmet to deliver essentials to the people. This is the story of the heroes who saved the world during the pandemic of Covid-19.

     These Heroes are the doctors and nurses who are working day in and out to treat the patients, the police officers who are making sure the diseases do not spread further, the delivery men who are ensuring that we get all our important supplies on time and everyone else who have been constantly putting in efforts to fight this crisis.These Heroes form a part of our frontline against the Covid-19 war and they are our greatest assets on the battlefield. They are out there, fighting it out every single moment and making sacrifices above and beyond the call of duty. 

     We have to take the supplementary role of assisting them in this war. Every Hero needs a sidekick. A sidekick who motivates them by keeping their spirits high and appreciating them at every step. We are the sidekicks to these Heroes and it is incumbent on us citizens to follow the principles and give them the gratitude they deserve. We have to do our bit and make sure we appreciate their efforts and sacrifices. We need to make sure we obey them to make their and our lives better and easier. If they want us to stay at home, we can ease their pressure by staying at home. By simply obeying the rules, we are helping our Heroes to a great extent. 

     This pandemic has made us realise one thing, the real important people are the doctors, the policemen, the workers and all of those who are the real support system of the country. It has shown us a reality of a world where the support staff, the servicemen, the working population are the most crucial people in the environment. 

     Now, if the lockdown lifts tomorrow and we go back to living our normal self, just remember who stood by us, who protected the nation when it was going through a crisis. Salute the men and women who risked their lives to save ours, respect the ones who were working for their survival while we were working from home, appreciate the ones who kept the economy running. 

     We owe these heroes a debt of gratitude for their alliance during these painful times. Without their contribution, we would have suffered mercilessly. These Heroes have stood up for the entire world in its hardest time and proved their stature. Make sure that you appreciate their efforts in every way. After all, we owe our life to them.  

     So, when you wake up next morning in the comfort of your home and complain about how you are unable to meet your friends, remember the child who is waiting to spend time with his mother who is working double shifts in the hospital to save the patients, remember the newly married wife sitting at home hoping her husband is safe from the virus, remember all those people who would do anything to switch their positions with you, who is sitting at home with the love of their family. Be humbled to honor the solidarity and resilience of all the Heroes coming together in these trying times. 

After all, 

“We are in this together and together we will fight this.” 

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