June 17, 2020


“The heart of a father is like a masterpiece of nature”

Fathers are known to not express but we all know that they show their love enough. From picking you up from school to dropping you to your hobby classes, a father’s life is his family and kids. They take up all the roles in our lives, from a teacher to a friend to a leader. They are not just heroes, they are Superheroes! They play with us, they protect us, they guide us, they teach us and whatnot. A father is one of the most important and first role models in our lives. We learn everything from them and they are always with us holding our pinky finger to never let us fall.

Every father is different and their way of love is also unique. A life safer, our dads have always kept us safe from any sort of trouble; a secret keeper, our dads have always protected our little secrets; a partner in crime, our dads have always supported our funky dreams! Fathers not only support us but encourage us to be better at every stage in our lives. They are the guiding light at the end of a tunnel waiting to give us the tightest hugs. For a girl, a father is her King and for a boy, a father is his superhero. A father takes many roles in our lives and promises to give his best in each and every one of them. A father protects us from our mother’s wrath and partners with us on all our crazy adventures. 

A father is an unsung hero that will never leave a stone unturned to see that smile on your face. He will never hesitate to loosen his pocket to buy you that expensive gift. So, why not share your love towards him and thank him for always being there for you with some cool gifts that he will absolutely love:


We all know how much our dads can love a good pen! For all their important meetings and conferences, a pen is the best gift you can give your dad. Whenever he writes his next cheque or signs a document, it will bring a wide smile on his face. Add a little personal touch and customise it.


Fathers are known to be inexpressive about their emotions and feelings. It is thus very important that we get them out of their shell and get them talking, or at least writing! Give your dad a customised diary asking him to express his thoughts and open up to people. This can also be a great gift to help him make important task lists of the day.


Most of the fathers are technology geeks! Gift them a Pendrive to keep all their files and documents safe. It is a very useful and thoughtful gift for a father.

Passport Holder 

Urge your father to travel around the world by giving him a customised passport holder. This will also be his favourite companion on all his business trips. A passport holder can remind him to come home soon to a family waiting for his welcome!


We all know how fathers never buy things they need for themselves. Replace his old tattered wallet with a new, stylish, customised one. A wallet is an ideal gift for any father. It is a gift that is both materialistic and emotional at the same time. 

Bag Tag 

A bag tag is an ideal gift for the forgetful fathers! It will help them find their bag quickly through a ton of luggage. Not to forget, a good bag tag increases the style quotient of the bag. Customise the bag tag with his name so that he can never lose another bag again.

Wine Glass

There’s nothing better than drinking a glass of wine with your father. Strengthen your bonds and have deep conversations with him over a fine glass of wine. This Father’s Day, let your find unwind to good music and great wine. 

A father teaches us to live every moment to its best. But in teaching us to grow, he forgets to live himself. This Father’s Day, appreciate him and his efforts. Tell him how much you love him and express your gratitude with a wonderful gift. A father is the strongest man in our lives and our loudest cheerleader. 

We owe our fathers a lot. Don’t go easy on appreciating him this father’s day. Check out our wide range of collections and choose a gift for your daddy dearest.

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