June 23, 2020



This pandemic has had a great impact on every aspect of our lives. Whatever we knew about our lives has changed. But, while we are busy working and cleaning all day long, we have seemed to forget who is the most affected by this all: The children! These innocent kids who were used to going to school every day, are now stuck at home in front of their laptops and computers. We are used to working on our laptops, but children learn the best in the classroom environment of the school. The lack of the outside world has left them demotivated, and this is affecting their education and their grades. Even the kids who are starting colleges this year would be badly affected by staying at home, away from their friends. These kids are so used to learning in the classroom that being at home has made them disinterested to attend these virtual classes. 

Now, we cannot risk their lives by sending them outside but what we can do is help them stay motivated. We can create a classroom environment for them at home! Starting with a comfortable place for them to take their lessons, with their own privacy, or making a schedule for their day which includes some break sessions too. We need to protect these kids from breaking down. Being on your computer can be very stressful and we need not introduce them to the idea of being stressed so early in their lives. 

Apart from creating a classroom experience, we can do one more thing to keep up their excitement: GIFTS! Everyone loves gifts and just because they are not going to school physically, why should they be denied the new school supplies. Every child starts a new year with new supplies and accessories. So, let us come together and get these kids excited about school again with some happy gifts. Have a look at a few options:


A special pen is the most important thing a child needs! A good pen is enough to boost confidence and motivate a child to write his own stories. Personalise it with his/her name and it will become his/her favourite school stationary! A pen is a gift that is extremely useful and also can be very emotional. 

Water Bottle

There are many benefits of giving your child a good water bottle. Firstly, he/she will be motivated and encouraged to keep themselves well hydrated. Secondly, it will help keep them concentrated during their long lectures. Thirdly, it will be a durable supply! Thus, gift them a bottle of health and happiness. 

Tiffin Box 

A good tiffin box is not just a gift for your child but also for you! You can fill it up with healthy yummy snacks for him/her to munch along with his/her long school/college lectures. This will keep them fit and also keep them concentrated and motivated. Customise it with their picture to remind how adorable they really are. 


A diary is a child’s best friend. It is an item in which they can pour their heart out and write their feelings. Because of the lockdown, children are facing a lot of emotions that they are not able to express. A diary will motivate them to lighten themselves and pen down their thoughts. It is also a wonderful habit to get your child into. 

Pencil Box 

A cool pencil box is every child’s dream. It is one of their favourite school supplies which they can show off to their friends. A good personalised pencil box will go a long way to create that classroom experience. Fill it with their favourite pencils and stationery items to make them feel at school again. 

It is important that we help our children overcome this obstacle and come out of this stronger! Let’s promise ourselves to make this easier for our children and keep them motivated and happy. 

This pandemic has disrupted our life but we have to keep our hopes up high and keep fighting with smiles on our faces. 

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