Customized Name Triangle Pencil Set for Kids


Code: PR-143
Dimension : 5 x 50 x 220

Wooden pencils that offer a super dark and smooth writing experience. Triangular shape gives it an easy grip making it less tiring for children to hold for long duration. Their special bonding prevents lead breakage reducing the need to sharpen often. These pencils come in pack of 10 pcs with Sharpener and eraser. Pencils in attractive colours. The perfect writing companion for children at school. We Recommend That You Use A Good Quality Pencil Regularly To Keep . Recommended character length – 5-10 however more and less characters are accepted but font size will vary. Please send the name/Text contact number to be printing onto our EMAIL ID. The Text should be sent within 3 Hours from placing the order, otherwise we will dispatch the product without printing the Text. While sending the email, please mention order id in the subject.

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